5 Places Spending Time Will Drive Results

January 19, 2021

Do you want to know where you should be allocating your time while you’re in Bootcamp?

I’m happy to share with you that spending time in the following five places will drive results.

Let’s dig in.

The 5 Result Drivers

Ask Questions

The first place you need to make sure you’re spending time is asking for help. This can manifest in a lot of different ways.

You can ask your questions on StackOverflow.

You can ask your mentor or instructor for help with a problem.

You can ask your cohort and peers for help. Not only does this help them, but it will help you learn from what they might know.

Bootcamp Content

Spend your time in the bootcamp content. Whether video or text-based, make sure you are learning what’s required.

It can be so easy to go down the rabbit hole and got lost in other content. Try to stick to what you need to learn for your bootcamp and bookmark the rest for later consumption.


Take that knowledge you have learned from the content and build something with it. It’s always a good idea to work on projects that can be in your portfolio.


This always gets overlooked.

If possible, dedicate time before you go to bed to review what you learned that day and to prepare for tomorrow.

Prepare on the weekends and review what you learned last week in preparation for what’s to come.


You don’t truly know something until you explain it. This step is critical but doesn’t work without the others in place.  


There’s a process for everyone to learn coding, and it starts with you allotting time in these five buckets.

When you focus on the areas above, you’re going to see drastic changes in the results of what you’re outputting.

Here are a few of the improvements you will see.

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality and quantity of learning
  • Reinforcement of your understanding
  • Better awareness of what’s going on

They can have the greatest impact on how you spend your time. Where you spend your time is where you’ll see results.

At times, some of these buckets may seem easy or obvious. But when you group them together, it becomes a truly effective and results-driven process.

I encourage you to start today!

Have questions? Want to share how your own tips?

As always, thanks for being here.

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